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A Multi-Language Website in Minutes: Dakwak’s Easy Service Now Partners with Gengo’s Human Translation API

Gengo , the leading provider of API-driven professional translation services, today announced a partnership with web site translation technology provider dakwak . Given Gengo’s mission to help the world communicate freely, this partnership is a huge step forward, enabling individuals and businesses to reach audiences around the world.

Gengo’s translation services

break down the language barrier and allow users to translate hundreds of thousands of words with ease. With 3 quality tiers, a 7,000+ translator team, and 53 different language pairs, Gengo has helped businesses and individuals expand to virtually every country.

Robert Laing, CEO of Gengo, says “Dakwak have created a simple, powerful service to publish any website in multiple languages easily. They make it easy for anyone to go global. And now their customers get instant access to high-quality translation powered by Gengo. It’s a great match.”

Dakwak’s technology lets web sites localize without any technical steps. A unique admin center gives users control over what and how pages get translated, delivering a fully localized page catered to the target audience.
“The key to globalization is real, natural sounding translation. Machine translation is often incomprehensible and can be misunderstood,” said Waheed Barghouthi, CEO of Dakwak. “Gengo provides the human touch that is necessary for a truly localized experience.”Translation quality can be chosen from free machine, in-house translation, or professional translation through Gengo.

Gengo and Dakwak’s partnership aims to provide small to medium businesses an easy solution for globalization. With Dakwak’s translation management tools and Gengo’s translation team, anyone can easily handle all aspects of the normally complicated localization process.

“Our mission at Gengo is to help everyone communicate across languages.” said Robert Laing. “Working with partners like Dakwak is a great step towards that goal.”

Company profile:
For more information on how to get started with dakwak, visit https://dakwak.com/
To learn more about translation through Gengo, visit https://gengo.com/

Gengo :

Founded in December 2008, Gengo aims to eliminate the global language barrier by being the easiest way for companies to communicate via innovative technology, ability to scale, and high quality translation. Clients include Rakuten, Alibaba, and YouTube.

Gengo is a privately held company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has an office in San Mateo, CA.

dakwak :

Founded in July 2010, Dakwak

helps businesses in going global by effortlessly launching multilingual websites with no technical involvement.

Dakwak is a privately held company headquartered in Jordan, and has an office in Manhattan, NY.