The Benefits of Localizing your Website

With English being the top language used on the Internet, why worry about translating and localizing your website? While it is true that the majority of web pages are in English, these facts cannot be ignored: 72.1 percent of consumers spend most of their time on sites in their native language; 56.2 percent of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their native language is more important than price. (Common Sense Advisory)

Our high-tech environment may have solved many of the problems of our world, but perhaps the biggest obstacle to global understanding lies in language. Localization helps break language barriers and can be an invaluable investment for companies expanding into international markets. Here’s how:

Goodbye language barriers: English may be at the top of the languages used on the web today, but following closely are Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and German. These languages represent almost one billion Internet users and who wouldn’t want to tap into that potential and grow their target market?

Increased profits: All businesses aim to grow and increase their profits and localization can help achieve that. Successfully penetrating and selling in an international market depends a lot on interacting with your

customers in their native language. After all, 85 percent of people require information in their own language before making an online transaction.

Credibility and loyalty: A company that offers its website in multiple languages comes across as a professional, global business, which builds credibility. Customers respect businesses that speak their language and offer services and products tailored to their culture, and are thus far more likely to be loyal and spread the word around.

Search engine visibility: Localizing your website ensures your company’s presence in a particular country. The translated parts of your website are indexed by search engines and found by Internet users searching in their native language when translating using dakwak’s technology.

Scalable and affordable: You don’t need to be an industry giant to reap

the benefits of localizing your website. Localization can be flexible and inexpensive. For instance, you don’t have to translate pages that are not relevant to a particular market or country.

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