Want to learn about your web visitors? 3 ways analytics can help!

It’s not just sales numbers that can tell you how many people are checking out your website every day—and important information about these people. Thanks to the proliferation of analytic measuring tools, website owners can track how everything from the translation of their pages to recent changes in content impact audience engagement and growth.

Three of the best ways site owners can use analytics include free Google and Yahoo analytics, services to check in on the competition, and individual site dashboards (including Dakwak’s).

Search engine analytics

Google Analytics specifically also shows a breakdown of which countries

This is a great way to tap into an underutilized group of readers or customers, without wondering if they were looking in the first place. Both analytics services also help track what time of day users come to the site, whether they’re new or returning and how long they spend on each page—which can help site owners further tailor content to a worldwide audience.

Sites about competitors

Keeping tabs on the competition is always helpful in bringing users back to your site. Using sites like Compete.com , site owners can get information about what their competitors’ customers are doing, the sites’ traffic volume and why people ended up on different sites in the first place. Many of Compete’s services are free, but for a fee, Compete can tell users which specific keywords are sending customers to their competitors’ websites. Using SEO optimization or language sites like Dakwak , problems like “not speaking the same language” (figuratively or literally) as a customer become an easily spotted problem that’s incredibly fixable.

In-depth dashboards

Measurements on tools like Dakwak’s dashboard show users how many views their page has received over the past day, week or month. On Dakwak, users can divide the measurements between each page’s translation (for example, a Spanish version of a site may have had 50% more traffic than an English version of the same page). This can help with an easy look of how a website is doing, breaking down simple versions of traffic patterns over

the site since it was translated, had certain content added or did something like get a new partner.

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