Is your Real Estate website multilingual?

If not, then you might be leaving money on the table. dakwak, a website translation provider specializing in the Real Estate websites industry can turn your current website multilingual

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No coding required, works on top of your current website within few minutes


Expose your translated websites to search engines and allow people to find your business when searching in their native language


All you have to do is to point your new domain ( for Chinese language) to our cloud, then we will serve your localized website on that domain


You can customize every part of your localized website including textual-content, images, css/javascript, or anything

Make your Real Estate website visible to million of international customers

We have been doing this for years and we have had success stories with our customers.
We do offer multiple levels of translation quality, we start of by offering the machine translation as the base, then you can hire our professional translators to post edit and proof read your content without any headaches. The picture on the right shows how our dashboard look like

Broadway Malayan translated website

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Distinguished by our global reach with 16 studios across world centres, unrivalled diversity with 500+ design experts and distinctive client focus with over 75% income from repeat business, we create world-class and fully-integrated cities, places and buildings to unlock lasting value

Have been at the heart of Bath for more than 130 years

We know that Estate Agency is a people business, so we only employ people with genuine enthusiasm for property — Bath property in particular — and a natural talent for service

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee